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Obituary for Lucy Mae Evans

Lucy Mae “Lucy Mae Not” Johnson Evans made her first appearance on October 17, 1924 and her last on September 19, 2019. At 12 years-old Lucy gave her heart and soul to Jesus and through witness to others continues to show her love of God even after her physical being is no longer among us. She loved God’s Earth and took great pains to care for and respect it throughout her life. Lucy loved gardening, fishing and being outdoors. She spent her youth growing and picking strawberries with her parents and then after marriage, traveled the country with her husband and young children picking whatever crops were in season at the time. In later years, Lucy was very creative: she painted photography portraits (before color photos), made jewelry, and used Cypress stumps to create lamps and other decorative items.

Lucy loved making mischief, pulling pranks, and telling jokes. From the time she was a young woman until her death, Lucy took great pleasure in asking others, “Do you believe that if I took you to the cemetery and had you put your hand on the tombstone, you would hear the person say, ‘Nuuuuthin’? When her son, Larry Evans, was a teenage boy, Lucy loved to take that joke a step further and have Larry wear a white sheet, hide behind the tombstone, and rise up saying ‘Nuuuuthin,’ scaring all of the other teens and sending them running for the cemetery gates. Reading this story, it should come as no surprise that Lucy was often described as ornery, but always in the most loving sense of the word.

For the last 15+ years, Lucy has lived at Ozark Health Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (OHNRC) and was often heard telling others that “she was very blessed to call OHNRC home: she was well cared for, the residents and staff were like family to her, and best of all – she didn’t have to do dishes! “Most of Lucy’s biological family lives in Texas and Louisiana and were not able to visit as often as they would have liked, which makes the excellent care and all of the love she received from the Staff especially reassuring. Lucy’s family is also grateful for the additional care she’s received from Hospice Homecare, for the past 2 years.

Lucy Mae Johnson Evans was preceded in death by her: Stillborn child, Wayne Evans; Parents, Don and Allie Johnson; and her husband of 41 years, Pliny Evans. Lucy’s remaining survivors: Son, Larry Evans (BJ Mann); Daughter, Sherron Diane Figallo (Joseph Figallo); Former Daughter-In-Law, Ruth Langley Casteel; Granddaughter, Tonya Evans Hiland (Matt Hiland); Grandson, Joseph Evans “Jef” Figallo; Great-Grandson, Evan Hiland; her beloved friend, Theresa Littell; and her OHNRC Family.

Please join us celebrating Lucy’s glorious life on October 17, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the Main Dining Room at the Ozark Health Nursing & Rehab Center at 2500 Hwy 65 S, Clinton, AR 72031. Note: In honor of Lucy, please wear purple (her favorite color) and, if you’re associated with the Red Hats Society, a red hat.